Indian Institute of Polymer Science (IIPS), is a non-university educational institution and based on under distance education scheme that provides quality education by involving technology with specially prepared printed study materials and textbooks. Programme participants are solicited to interact with the instructor through Phone, Fax, Email, Live chat or Video chat. The rubber processing and rubber products manufacturing industry is currently undergoing tremendous changes in technology and modernization process within the industry, which is so very vital in today’s competitive environment, cannot be met unless technically trained and qualified personnel are available in sufficient numbers. That's why the IIPS came into existence in 1999.

After completing 10 years of glorious success in 2009, our branch network have been widened alongwith inclusion of new programmes under the leadership of our new management body and faculty.

IIPS's courses aims to develop the ability and confidence to formulate a research programme and to plan and execute the associated experimental work & provide an opportunity to demonstrate initiative and a capacity for independent working. Though IIPS's courses have not been recognized by any Government agencies/institutions but provides an opportunity for aspirants to strengthen links with industry and commerce, develop a critical and analytical abilities in connection with the process of manufacturing products from polymeric materials and provide a framework for students to obtain knowledge of advanced developments in selected areas of polymeric engineering.

Configure your technical knowledge with us ...

  • Are you an Entrepreneur or an Owner having rubber or plastics industries?
  • Are you a Manager, QC in-charge, Supervisor, Lab. in-charge or Cost evaluation personnel in rubber or polymer related industries?
  • Are you a Sales Executive in chemical, rubber or plastics raw material's firm?
  • Do you want to design a compound as per customer's specification?
  • Do you want to enhance your technical knowledge in the field of rubber/plastics for the sake of setup your own industries?